Moonstone Necklace - Sterling Silver
Moonstone Necklace - Sterling Silver

Moonstone Necklace - Sterling Silver

You are amazing. You are made of the sun and moon and stars and the universe and you are exactly who you should be. Inspired by the femininity of the moon, I have created a moonstone necklace just for you. Real sterling silver is kissed with a single, faceted moonstone resulting in a dainty piece of jewelry that is both versatile and sophisticated. When you drape this delicate pendant across your neck, you’ll immediately feel a sense of strength and beauty that can only come from channeling your inner goddess.

The purchase of this listing is for one gemstone necklace with the following details and options:
Style: Sterling Silver Moonstone Necklace
Available Chain Lengths: 16, 17, 18-inch options
Moonstone Measurements: Approximately 7 mm faceted bead

Your new moonstone necklace will be sent to you on a decorative display card with the sweet sentiment, “You are amazing” making this the ideal gift for anyone needing to reclaim their strength.

Each of these sterling silver necklaces are handmade using natural components, so there may be slight variations in your moonstone necklace when compared to the sample photographs above. Each will be expertly and lovingly handmade so that you can enjoy your new favorite piece of jewelry knowing that it will never quite be replicated again.